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Who we are

The EPA Alumni Association is a nationwide community of former employees of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as well as current EPA employees who are eligible to retire.  Local groups  provide supplemental geographic-based activities. Our Association  is not a part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Please Join Us

If you served for at least one continuous year as a federal employee of EPA at any location and in any capacity and subsequently left the Agency, then please join us.   In addition, if you are currently working at EPA but are ELIGIBLE TO RETIRE, then you may join us as an Associate Member. Membership is currently free, supported by the donations of our members.

The Benefits of Membership (Click on the Examples Below)

As a member we can help you:

What our Association's Website provides:

Our secure password-protected website includes:

A Member Directory—containing contact information for every member (Example) plus profile information on past employment in EPA and post-EPA activities to help you identify and find colleagues.  (Example) The Directory is highly-searchable.  (Example)

A Variety of ways for members to share and communicate with each other, all of them written by the members themselves:

            A Newsletter—News of  or whatever is of interest of our members. (Example)

            A Blog—opinions and views—and counterviews of our members on any topic with emphasis, not surprisingly, on environmental issues.

            Where are they Now? –A place to tell of our post-EPA experiences (Example) and to report on what we have heard about others of our colleagues who are not yet members of the Association. This is also where we can alert other members to the

            Our Favorite Stories—Stories we have told our friends and families about life in EPA—the good, the bad, the embarrassing, the amazing, the unbelievable, and the funny things that happened inside EPA. (Example)

            Groups—Members are able to create groups of members, either geographically-based (Example) or subject matter-based and have a page of the website dedicated to that group's activities and special interests.  Geographically-based groups formed around members/current locations are encouraged to sponsor local events. (Example)

            Photos Gallery—Members can share their favorite photos of their latest trip to Alaska, or their new grandchildren, or their best photographic artistry. (Example)

            Library—Members can share documents and articles for reading or downloading by their colleagues. (Example)

            Volunteer Opportunities—Members have the opportunity to identify or participate in volunteer opportunities that allow alumni to “give back” to the larger community. (Example)          

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Contact Us

Questions or comments about the Association can be directed to those who are currently handling its administrative duties. Just send an email.

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